Private Art Lessons

Series Art Classes

Choose from:

A. The Basics

Explore different mediums each session, while mastering basic skills such as lines, color theory, composition, value, perspective, and proportion.

B. Imitate an Artist

Learn the style of a famous artist, while creating your own masterpiece.

C. Choose your Medium

Want to go beyond the basics? Pick your favorite mediums and dive deep into that world.

Mediums: charcoal, watercolor, pastels (oil and soft), acrylic paint, and graphite or colored pencils.


For all series sessions students have the option to purchase an art kit through the instructor at an additional cost. If you’d like to bring your own supplies
a supply list will be provided.


Ages 5 & Up
4 Sessions/1 Hour Each……. $160 Per Month

4 Sessions/1.5 Hours Each……. $240 Per Month


Single Art Classes

Choose from:

A. Drawing Basics

Everyone can learn to draw with these basic drawing principles.

B. Painting Basics

Painting can be easy and fun with these basic principles of acrylic painting.

C. Fabric Paint

Learn how to paint on fabric. Put your own unique design on a tote bag, apron, or t-shirt and make them one of a kind.

**All supplies are included for single art classes.**

Ages 5 & Up

1, 1 hour session………. $50